And Then There’s Music

In addition to wearing a photography hat, there’s a multifarious musical hat I get to style around in as well. This time it was with The Weekend Getaway Band at the Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival held in Kennesaw, Georgia. It’s a challenge to get a lot of pictures in this type of double duty situation. I wasn’t the photographer for the event, so this was more about personal documentation. You can check out more of my musical activities here:

The Pigs & Peaches BBQ cook off is held every year. A winner is announced and receives special recognition. This was the first one I ever attended so I didn’t really keep tabs on who won. But I did sample a lot of good BBQ! Yeah!

There were three musical groups. As I arrived there was a steel drum trio. I was moving musical gear, thus couldn’t do both, that is, move gear and take pictures. Weekend Getaway (the group I’m in) was second. The headliner was ‘A1A’, a Jimmy Buffet tribute band. They took the audience to the beach!

There were vendors galore, lots of BBQ of course, games for the kids, the usual outdoor festival stuff. Kennesaw Mayor Derek Easterling (blue shirt) introduces Miss Big Shanty Ambassador 2018. The Weekend Getaway Band is sitting at the round table in the green room, reflected in the mirror. The A1A Band is on the stage doing an extensive soundcheck getting the levels adjusted in their in-ear monitors. Two photos of the WG Band, one with the attendees in the background. The woman is my good friend Lexxi. She’s not a regular member of the group but joined us for a few songs, specifically to pay tribute to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, who passed away a few days prior to this event. She rocked it, like she always does! The other photo is WG in action. I’m on keyboards and vocals. It was a great day!

He just posed, I pressed the shutter!

He was already posed, I pressed the shutter.

It all about that Q, ‘bout that Q

WG in a not so deep conversation. Ha!

Mayor & Miss Big Shanty

Side view of attendees under the tent

A1A at the beach in a Kennesaw parking lot

WG w/ Lexxi

Weekend Getaway doin’ it!


Life and…

The cemetery is a place of tranquility like nothing else in the world. There are only a handful of times I’ve ventured into one after dark. I won’t try to describe it….you’ll have to experience that yourself, if you’re up to it. 

The following photos were made from several visits. No need for a lot of text. This kind of thing speaks for itself. The viewer just needs to listen closely while perusing slowly. The message you may need to hear at this point in your life will make itself heard.

Take your time. Look at the dates on a couple of the head stones. Humbling. Life is short, and even shorter for others. Please, make sure you’re making the best of the time you’ve been given. All the best! AC

That Famous Atlanta Traffic

As it is with most photographers, the camera goes with me everywhere…most of the time anyway. On this particular day I was running errands which ran a little too long-right into rush hour! Ugh! If there’s an accident during this time of day, fuhgeddaboudit!! If you need to learn the meaning of patience, come on down to the ATL! On second thought, maybe not. There’s already enough cars on these roads.

Three right lanes were blocked off by emergency vehicles. That’s huge at this time of day. A whole lotta merging was going on for a whole lotta backed up traffic. I couldn’t help but think “someone on a cell phone”, and wonder why people aren’t getting it about the dangers of using them while driving. There are numerous products on the market today to be hands free. Yet so many still drive with phone in hand. I don’t get it.

Of course, I didn’t know the reason for the accident. It’s just the first thing that comes to mind. Regardless, there’s always a reason for these unfortunate occurrences.

When I reached the scene, my heart sank. Two cars are bad enough. A car and an 18-wheeler, oh my goodness. But this, a motorcycle! Big shudder!

The ambulances were gone by the time I reached the scene. I attempted to get another photo, but they were waving traffic through to keep things flowing as much as possible. And it was best that I paid attention and not create another scene like this one.

These weren’t the kinds of photos I was planning on taking today. Nonetheless, it’s good to always be prepared for whatever might present itself.

I can only hope the driver of the motorcycle will be okay.


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