I like to keep things simple. It's just not that complicated.

My purpose for being a photographer is to serve you and your image needs.

And to document the events of my life too.

Your Lifestyle. Your Legacy. Your Posterity. All there in the images I create for you.

You might be wondering why are good photographs important (?). 

A: They help connect you with others who are waiting to connect with you...in business, public relations, in life. They want to see who you are and what you do. And they're looking to find other like minded people to share this journey of life with. A well crafted photograph is an ally.

Great images are also what you should leave behind for your family and generations to come. You are a role model to follow and be inspired by. It's your journal in pictures.

Q: Why should you hire a photographer if you have a good cell phone?

A: Because you need someone to pay attention to the details that make you look great in your photos. And because you can only take so many selfies that will make the impact you need to have!

As you may well know, taking acceptable photos these days is available to anyone with a decent camera phone. But a decent camera, whether phone or high end DSLR, doesn't necessarily equal the production of good images. 

Knowledge and skill are still required!

And that's where I come into the picture to help you...no pun intended.

The current buzzword is 'Branding'-connecting the face with the products and services being offered.

Your Portrait, the "Portrayal" of your likeness will be on display on your website and printed materials. 

And hopefully...also hanging on walls, displayed in frames, on furniture, in your residence, on your device, etc...locally, regionally, nationally, globally!

Call it 'Lifestyle', 'Documentary Journalism', Commercial, Magazine-Style Portraits...what have you. 

I'm not much into splitting hairs over labels, niches, and categories.

How images are used help define the category, sort of like music. Is it blues, rock, country, all of the above? 

The question is: What do you really want others to see, feel, and sense when they look at your photos?

Your images should be what you want them to be. The most important input is YOURS!

If we wanna make "art" instead, that's another approach. But still, your input is of primary importance.

I like the term "Portrait"-a pictorial representation of 'you'. 

I once heard someone say, a picture is OF someone, a portrait is ABOUT someone.

It's your smile, your style, your areas of interests and expertise. Your picture should show that!

Those special things that only you contribute to the world in ways that only you can. 

And when you drill down to the essence of it, images like these can and often inspire others. How cool is that?

"Let your light shine before men", as the saying goes. 

Keep in mind that creating great images is a team effort.

Photography was (and is) a very great skill to learn. My interest was also sparked by the lack of pictures of my family. You know, that legacy, history, posterity thing. Getting a camera sounded like a great idea. A friend noticed I had a little talent for it and suggested working as an assistant. I did. It was the best photo school I ever attended! 

Working with six or more commercial shooters for several years gave me a wealth of hands-on knowledge. And in case you didn't know, commercial photography involves shootin' pretty much everything from A to Z. 

Going solo, I made pictures (using film!) for models, dancers, musicians, brides & grooms, you name it. Working with writers, my photos got published with their articles. (I'm using digital now instead of film...)

Stir all these things together, toss in the main ingredient of life as an Event, and there it is.

Portraits and Events. I do it because it's life in motion. I'm always looking for ways to make each image can "say something" as well as it possibly can. No matter how it's "niched", it's about making great pictures. Period. That's what those commercial pros taught me.

So. What about you? You need images that represent your best 'you'. Or the many sides of 'you'. You also need a photographer you 'connect' with who understands that and can create it for you. And for the sake of posterity, you might as well have images about Your Lifestyle and Legacy to leave behind. That's priceless!

It would be an honor to have the opportunity to simply have a conversation about what you need, or want. I'm in Cobb County, Georgia...only a digital message away. 

Looking forward to working with you. CONTACT ME HERE.

Video gig during 2017 Emmy Awards ATL

Self portrait

Capturing the beauty of one of my guitars

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